The Amazing Race Canada 8 episode 4: How Jully & Kathy return

Jully and Kathy Amazing Race CanadaEntering tonight’s The Amazing Race Canada 8 episode 4, there was one big question on our mind: How are Jully & Kathy back? Their return to the competition was teased in the promo last week but beyond that, there was very little information as to how this all was coming about. Did someone else drop out? Was this just a new twist?

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Obviously, it threw us for a loop to see a previously-eliminated team back in a preview, but it is important to remember that we’re living in strange times. This past season of The Amazing Race in America brought back previously-eliminated teams after the global health crisis forced them to delay filming by well over a year. Meanwhile, we saw “stowaway” teams on the Australian version of the show recently, which was a pretty fascinating twist in its own right as people entered right in the middle of filming.

In general, the race has to roll with the punches! We do like Jully & Kathy, so it is fun to see them back. They are going to have their work cut out for them, as they are competing with people who have been immersed in the race and getting more and more accustomed to it over time. Maybe they have fresher legs, but do they have the mindset after the break?

As it turns out…

Jully & Kathy were not the only team who got another chance on the show! Cassie & Jahmeek were also given the chance to come back, albeit with a small twist: They had to perform a Speed Bump. This was a way to give an advantage to the contestants who weren’t previously eliminated and we get it.

As for why the teams were back, the global health crisis forced three other teams to withdraw.

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