Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony aftermath (day 20)

Ameerah Jones Big BrotherThe Veto Ceremony has been over for a little while now within the Big Brother 24 house, but the hits just keep coming when it comes to the live feeds. There is some crazy and glorious stuff going down, at least if you like entertainment.

First, a quick reset: Earlier today, Michael & Brittany removed themselves from the block and from there, Terrance & Ameerah were put up as replacements. They’ve since freaked out, with Ameerah more so than him. (Terrance volunteered basically to be sent out, but we don’t think people are going to take him up on that.)

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The big thing that has gotten stuck in people’s craw outside of the Leftovers alliance (Taylor, Monte, Kyle, Turner, Brittany, Michael, and Joseph) is Turner saying that he couldn’t bear to nominate Taylor after how she’s been treated in the house. That has put them in a position where they are playing the blame game, and it seems like Indy is the person who has been thrown under the bus the most. Daniel has a little bit, and he’s also gotten into it a little bit with Nicole about information being spread around. Alyssa has also become a scapegoat-of-sorts for talking too much about the plan to oust Pooch — though hilariously, she’s one of the least guilty parties here among anyone.

Ameerah for the moment thinks that she does have the votes to stay, mostly because the Leftovers have done a great job all day of acting surprised and/or being in denial. Monte has acted paranoid that Taylor is going to win Head of Household and nominate him. Meanwhile, Brittany is still being left out of conversations with the women, which is ironically what drew her in part to this alliance in the first place.

More than likely we’re going to see Ameerah leave the game on Thursday, and she may need a lot of info from Julie as to what is really going on in the game.

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