‘Arrow’ episode 14 preview: The most shocking video yet

Arrow“Arrow” has shown off some pretty amazing promo videos in the past, but have we really seen any more emotionally gripping than the one debuted for Wednesday night’s new episode?

This installment is entitled “Odyssey,” this really does seem appropriate when talking about the journey that Oliver Queen has been, both past and present. When it comes to the former, he struggled to really just stay alive on an island full of strangers; the more than we are seeing of this modern world, meanwhile, the more it is actually starting to metaphorically feel the same. Sure, there are people that Oliver knows now, but did he ever really expect his own mother to turn out to be the evil woman that she is?

While we don’t know whether or not we should take the promo that literally, it appears to show the Hood meeting up against something that even he cannot contend with: a bullet. Following this, it is really up to Diggle to make sure that he lives to fight another day, and from this point on, his life is going to change immensely. It’s really hard to go back from telling your own mother that she has “failed this city,” and we anticipate this making things rather awkward around the Queen houeshold for quite some time.

But is Oliver really going to be able to keep his thoughts to himself when it comes to his dear ol’ mom? That is what we are also very curious about when it comes to his sister Thea, especially since the two have had some rather heated discussions about who in their family they can trust over the course of the past several weeks.

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Photo: The CW

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