‘The Following’ episode 4 preview: What is Jacob hiding?

The FollowingIn what is the least surprising news of all time, one of the evil minions for Joe Carroll on “The Following” has been keeping a secret from the others for five years. These people are killers and schemers! Why would they trust each other?

Even with that, Kevin Williamson seems to be banking on the premise that there is still some humanity left within these characters, as whatever Jacob is hiding from his girlfriend Emma (and his fake / possibly real boyfriend Paul) is going to leave a pretty profound impact on them. After all, the man has been acting for the past five years as though he is one type of person, and this could flip everything on its head Monday night when the secret comes out.

As Valorie Curry (who plays Emma) explains below, this is going to be an episode that really pushes forward the story of these three forward in a significant way. Even though they are trying to act on Joe’s best wishes, they also have urges, desires, and skeletons in their own closets to be sorted out. Our biggest criticism of these scenes in particular thus far is that it is a little hard to really figure out just who is Jacob and who is Paul, and hopefully through some of the character development coming up the picture will be a little bit easier to paint.

In other news when it comes to this episode, Ryan is also going to have to watch his back, as Maggie will be out for revenge after he killed her husband at the end of last week’s episode.

What do you think the secret is that Jacob is hiding? We want to hear some of your theories below! In addition to that, be sure to head on over to the link here in order to check out everything that has transpired on the series so far.

Photo: Fox

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