Magnum PI season 5: How to keep supporting show at NBC

Magnum PIThe cancellation of Magnum PI was a difficult thing — there is no other way to say it! The series coming to a close at CBS brought forward a lot of uncertainty and even fear for everyone who works behind the scenes. For a lot of us viewers it is a passion; for the people involved, it is a livelihood.

If there is a silver lining behind what happened, though, we think it really did bring the audience together like never before. Magnum PI went from a show people checked out on the schedule to something they felt a real sense of ownership over. Without the campaigns, the Twitter posts, the petitions, and the positivity, there is a good chance the NBC move never happened. Now that it has, we obviously want to see it around for as long as humanly possible.

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So what are the best ways to make that happen? It obviously goes without saying that watching the show live on NBC will go a long way. We absolutely think that the Nielsen ratings system is archaic and needs to be revolutionized, but these numbers do still matter; the more people check the show out when it’s on, the more helpful it is. Of course, recording it on your DVR is useful in its own right, as well. The same goes for live-tweeting; the more you can constantly remind NBC that fans are out there, the better.

Another big thing that will be helpful is streaming the show, at least once some of that gets formally sorted out. We expect that at some point entering the season, more of a cohesive streaming plan will be figured out; right now, the fourth season is on Paramount+ and that’s it. Streaming is just an additional revenue stream for the studio and it’s essential to keeping it around for seasons on end.

Remember that Magnum PI already has both a season 5 and season 6 at NBC; however, there is still a chance for a season 7, or potentially for one of these seasons to be extended. There’s still a lot that can be done! We can all celebrate the show being saved, while recognizing that there are more ways to keep it around for a good long time.

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How are you planning to watch Magnum PI season 5 when it arrives on NBC?

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