Better Call Saul season 6: Director on ‘wonderful’ final episodes

Better Call SaulAs we prepare for the rest of Better Call Saul season 6, it does feel like we’re entering a totally new era. We’ve seen a lot of people say online, perhaps understandably, that this past installment “Fun and Games” felt like a series finale. Jimmy is now 100% Saul Goodman, Kim Wexler is gone, and we’re almost at the Breaking Bad timeline.

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So is there something more that the show is going to tell us? We tend to think so, just as we tend to imagine that Gene Takovic is going to be front and center for it. He almost has to be with the way they’ve visited that timeline here and there.

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Michael Morris is the director responsible for the sensational “Fun and Games,” and of course he had the experience of crafting those magnificent scenes. Even if he’s done directing for this season, does he still know what’s coming? In a word, yes. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, here is some of what he had to say about what lies ahead:

…Because I’m an executive producer this season, the spoilers are long gone for me, unfortunately. But it is a testament to how well they write, that when I read outlines, my head explodes, on every episode. And then a month goes by and I read the scripts and my head explodes all over again. And six months later I see it on TV and my head explodes a third time. So there’s a lot of power in what they write. I am honor-bound to say nothing about what happens next except, “Watch,” because it’s wonderful.

The more we hear the cast and crew talk about the end of the show, the more we think we’ll end up feeling delighted. It’s so hard to conclude a show, but we honestly feel confident that most people will be satisfied here. Of course, we say most because it feels borderline impossible that everyone is going to be happy with how a show ends. Since when has that ever happened?

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