NBC’s ‘Community’: Why Dan Harmon is not watching season 4

CommunityEven though Sony Pictures TV and NBC may have decided that “Community“did not need him (wrong decision!) in order to work, Dan Harmon made one thing rather clear at the CommuniCon convention all about the show on Saturday: he not only loves his fans more than the average showrunner, but he also loves the show that he created.

However, that does not mean in any way that Harmon actually has any plans to watch the show’s fourth season. He took on a number of subjects in a question-and-answer session with fans, and this is the insightful answer that he gave on why he’s not interested in checking out the new fruits of David Guarascio and Moses Port’s labor:

“I didn’t watch because I’m the last person who should be watching. I’m the last person that anyone wants to hear from. All I could do is f**k things up — pardon my French. It’s the logical thing for me to do for myself, for everybody, for all of you. What if I loved it? What if I hated it? What could screw things up more than me speaking up about it in the mix of all of this turmoil and all of this confusion that we’re all feeling?”

In a way, Harmon here is actually acknowledging the fact that him staying silent may be better for the show and for some of the actors on it that he does still support, this way the attention stays primarily on them and what they are doing versus anything that he does or says. We wonder if there is any part of him that is intensely curious about what is going on with the show in the wake of his exit, but if there is, he is not acting out on it.

What do you think about Harmon’s comments? If you want to see what Gillian Jacobs has to say about the upcoming “Community” Halloween special (which is of course airing rather far away from Halloween), you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: NBC

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