Magnum PI season 5 premiere date: The next big announcement

Magnum PIWe’ve been rather lucky the past few weeks to have some fantastic news to celebrate when it comes to Magnum PI season 5. After all, the show is officially coming back to NBC with new episodes! We will see it premiere at some point in 2023, and we recognize that as wait for that, we will be entering a somewhat-quiet period when it comes to news. As a matter of fact, we may very well be in it already!

The primary question that we want to pose in this article is rather simple: What is the next big announcement going to be? Is there anything else that we can imagine being put out into the universe soon?

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As we think about this, we realize that the next reveal is probably at least a month away, unless the writers or someone else familiar with the season 5 story wants to tease something pertaining to the script. Filming most likely begins in September, and we tend to think that we’ll get an announcement and/or press release about that. Alongside this, we could get a few notes about filming whether it be the guest cast or some of what the story could be. We’d at least circle the month of September on your calendar for now and hope that there are a few other details shared between now and then. Expect little, but still keep your fingers crossed for more! It’s just so much easier to be patient now that we know that we’ve got more of the show coming!

Also, it’s easy to be patient knowing that you have a network partner in NBC who is showing a real interest in promoting you to the best of their ability. We do tend to think they’ll give us at least some filming tidbits here and there, even if they are small and don’t amount to a huge spoiler or a premiere date.

The start date announcement is more likely to come near the end of the year — it won’t be the first think on the docket, and we tend to think we’ll see the cast on TV again at some point between January and March.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Magnum PI season 5?

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