Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Potential eviction chaos? (day 15)

Daniel Durston Big BrotherWith the next Big Brother 24 eviction happening in a short amount of time, we’re inching closer to something oh-so predictable: People having too much time on their hands. With this, they overthink and cause way more trouble than they need to.

More than likely, Pooch is leaving the game soon; it would take a huge screw-up in order for that to not happen. Yet, some of these people are capable of such a thing.

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We will say that there remains a lot of comedy in Pooch’s attitude — even today! He’s talked tonight about telling Michael not to use the Veto and you saw during the show just how confident he was. He’s campaigned, but he still has almost no idea of how much danger he’s really in. We really hope there’s a big surprise here.

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Now, we get to the over-thinking. Our big concern based on conversations is that Daniel is going to try to pull some funny business with the votes, thinking that there can be a way to bring things closer to a tie and in doing so, force Jasmine to break it or at the very least make some guys feel like he’s still with them. Then, after the fact he could try to Michael or Brittany under the bus. Remember for a moment that Brittany has landed in hot water for telling too many people various things; that is coming back to hurt her AND Michael, who is starting to be associated with her more and more. That could be a problem.

We don’t think that some of these plans are going to amount to much, but there are some consequences that could come from people like Daniel playing too hard. Take, him reminding everyone that he is a strategic player. With this Festie Bestie twist coming, it could change almost everything — it’s just hard to give specific predictions now without knowing what we’re going to see these people up against.

What do you most want to see happen within this next Big Brother 24 eviction and beyond?

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