Bill Maher explodes on Donald Trump over $5 million lawsuit (video)

Bill MaherWell, we all knew this was coming. Only a matter of days after Donald Trump first filed a $5 million suit against Bill Maher, the “Real TIme” host opened up about the fact that a joke about Trump needed to prove that he was not the descendant of an orangutan somehow turned into a fiasco of this magnitude.

The defense from Maher is just about as simple as you would expect: his comments were not meant to be taken seriously, as evidenced from the fact that orangutans and humans cannot reproduce, and the fact that he followed up his “challenge” to Trump by saying that one of the charities he would probably give the money to was the “Hair Club for Men.” He admitted that he originally got a copy of the mogul’s birth certificate in the mail long again, but he had forgotten all about it until the news of the lawsuit first broke.

Really, where we think Maher really has Trump is with this claim: the certificate that was sent to him was not the actual long-form birth certificate, but a statement of live birth that was, based on some of the imprints on the document, issued long after Trump actually entered the world. This is the same exact birth certificate released by Obama that Trump objected against; so even if Maher’s offer was serious, why should it be accepted?

At the end of the day, we do see this lawsuit sticking around for a bit, or at least until a judge potentially throws it out. Both parties here are stubborn, and they want to prove to the other person that they were right.

What do you think about Maher’s response to Trump’s suit? If you want to read some more about the “Celebrity Apprentice” host’s’ side of the story, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: HBO, video via Mediaite


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