Magnum PI season 5: How NBC is giving us faith in the future

Magnum PIThe future is obviously bright right now for Magnum PI season 5, and we say that knowing full well that we’re not actually getting to see new episodes until 2023.

In the end, it doesn’t matter so much when you see new episodes; instead, it’s about knowing that they’re coming and that there’s a partner who you know is going to do their best to help support it. We’re already catching those vibes from NBC. We posted over the weekend about a fun thing the network is doing on social media in celebration of season 5, and we tend to think that this is going to lead to much more.

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In the weeks since the show has been saved, we’ve already seen multiple posts about Magnum PI, including of course the celebratory message from Jay Hernandez, as well. This is all the sort of stuff that makes us think that NBC will be pushing it hard through the rest of the year, even if there isn’t too many more major announcements that could be shared. Expect something official when production begins (most likely in September), plus a few other updates here and there. We could see a few major guest-star announcements and some more insight as to when the show could be coming back.

What we are seeing right now is a real pattern of NBC working to ensure that season 5 has a great opportunity to succeed, and we’re of course curious to see how it does! Remember, though, that the network can do more beyond just build a clear architecture for how it will do in terms of live ratings; they can also set up a lot of ways for people to watch it after the fact. The streaming arrangements for the show could take some time, and we say that because there have been repeats still airing on CBS this summer. You have to prepare for a few different things to take a certain amount of time to be sorted out.

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Are you feeling optimistic that Magnum PI season 5 will be fairly successful over at NBC?

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