Yellowstone season 5 premiere run time: Early predictions!

YellowstoneThe Yellowstone season 5 premiere is coming to Paramount Network on November 13, and of course it is great to have this information this far in advance.

Now, of course, comes the especially hard part: Dealing with the wait. It puts us in a spot where we wonder about all sorts of possibilities when it comes to the Kevin Costner series + what the future could hold.

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Ultimately, there is one question that is on the tip of our tongue right now, and it relates to the premiere itself: Is the network going to do anything to help amidst this super-long hiatus? Will the premiere be a little bit longer than usual?

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One of the things that we have 100% seen over the years with Yellowstone is a real effort by the Paramount Network to allow the show to be however long it needs to be. Back in season 4, for example, the two-hour premiere basically became a movie event with the episodes running a good 150 minutes including the commercials. We don’t think we’ll be getting near that with the season 5 premiere, unless of course we have another two-episode star. For us, the biggest thing that we want is just an opportunity to see something in the 70-90 minute range. It feels like there’s almost TOO much story at the moment to be confined in a single hour, and we think there’s a chance for them to really kick things off on a high note here. Our solid prediction is 80 minutes, and that feels like a good sweet spot.

Regardless of the run time, there is one thing that we’re sure of: The season 5 premiere is going to clean up in the ratings. The series has only grown more popular with each passing year.

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Should you be prepared for some sort of extended Yellowstone season 5 premiere?

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