Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: The guys start to worry (day 14)

Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli Big BrotherAs we get closer to the latest Big Brother 24 eviction, there is absolutely some entertainment that is coming from watching the slightest tinge of panic come from the people in the house. That is especially true in regards to some of the guys, who are increasingly realizing at this point that they may be in trouble.

For the past couple of hours, we’ve seen Monte start to get increasingly concerned that the women in the house are painting this picture that they have the votes to send Pooch out, and in doing that, will cause other people to flip. His paranoia towards a women’s alliance is next-level, which is somewhat funny since he’s also in a guys’ alliance. Still, he’s right to be worried, but he’s not considering a few different variables here.

First and foremost, he is operating with an assumption that Jasmine would have a problem getting rid of Pooch on a tiebreaker vote — we think she certainly would. Also, he is discounting the idea that some guys could easily play with the women even if they are worried about a larger alliance there. Big Brother is a game where flexibility is critical, and people do have a tendency to think and re-think plans a million times over. Monte could find some more of these as well. We’ve seen him speak with Terrance, Kyle, and others this afternoon about some of his issues. He’s right to be worried about Taylor since Taylor is gunning for him, but we’d use the next couple of days to try and regroup numbers and figure out the best path for the future.

Related Remember, this week’s Big Brother eviction has been delayed until Sunday

While Pooch does not know that he’s leaving the game this week as of yet, we do think there’s a chance most of the men have it figured out before the eviction. Pooch in particular has to realize at some point that no one is hearing out his pitch they they probably should in the game.

What do you think the guys are going to figure out before this Big Brother 24 week is over?

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