Better Call Saul season 6: Bob Odenkirk talks Carol Burnett story

Better Call Saul, JimmyLast night’s Better Call Saul season 6 episode was world-changing, heartbreaking, and also sets the stage for something totally different. We’re now entirely in the Breaking Bad era, a time when Jimmy McGill is now Saul Goodman and he’s lost all shred of his humanity.

We also understand more of why that happened: Kim was the only person who Jimmy found any sort of hope with and with her gone, he has no reason than to try and just let the legal world burn. These are people who never accepted him, so he’s just going to muck up the system now and create as much chaos as he can. This leads to Walt and Jesse working with him and eventually, this also leads to Gene in the flash-forwards.

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Yet, somewhere in here, there is a chance we could still see something different — as strange as that may be to say. Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bob Odenkirk notes that there could be a big surprise coming still for his character:

There’s yet another iteration of Jimmy on his way. If you can believe it. I can’t wait for everyone to see these [episodes]. They’re just so great. There’s a lot in there. A lot of story and a whole new bunch of stuff. As you know, Carol Burnett will be joining us. And that’s a big story.

Who could Carol play? It may be tied to the Gene story, or even what happens after the Gene story. There is no guarantee that he stays as this character forever, especially if Jeff continues to cause problems for him in Omaha. We’re still rooting for a happy resolution and even a possible return for Kim Wexler in here — even though we may be wishful thinking. We are well-aware already that this is not a world that often allows for happy endings.

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