Better Call Saul season 6 episode 9: Is Kim Wexler gone for good?

Better Call SaulEven before we got too far into the events of Better Call Saul season 6 episode 9, we knew this would be one for the ages. We also knew that it would going to send us into some emotional tailspin.

For most of “Fun and Games,” we saw the characters each trying to deal with the aftermath of what happened the week prior, albeit in very different ways. Take, for example, seeing Gus negotiate a peace treaty of sorts with the Salamancas, only to then dabble in some fancy wine afterwards. Meanwhile, Mike Ehrmantraut paid a visit to Nacho’s father, where he tried and failed to give him some solace in regards to his murder.

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Then, we got to Jimmy and Kim. Seeing the two of them at Howard’s funeral was brutal, and we think what did Rhea Seehorn’s character in was her lying directly to Cheryl about seeing him snorting drugs in his office. Jimmy gave a speech about how he wanted to get to a day where they could sit back and forget about what happened. Here’s the issue: Kim couldn’t forget. She realized that just wasn’t possible.

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“You asked if you were bad for me. That’s not it. We are bad for each other.” That’s what Kim said to Jimmy after she quit the Bar and started to pack her things. He freaked out, and then she told him that she was aware what Lalo was alive. She noted the conversation that she had with Mike and that was it. He knew all.

Kim packed her stuff, and she was gone. Is it for good? That’s where the mysteries lies at the moment. She’s still alive, but the story flashed forward after that to Saul at the peak of his powers, more successful than ever before. However, also FAR more empty and soulless.

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