Westworld season 4 episode 5 spoilers: Beyond the time jump

Westworld Aurora PerrineauAs we prepare for Westworld season 4 episode 5 on HBO this coming weekend, it really feels like the entire game has changed. It’s impossible to think otherwise!

After all, think for a moment about where things stand right now: We are actually more than two decades into the future. It wasn’t previously clear, but Hale has actually spread her own version of Hosts — Parasites — well beyond the park grounds. There’s now a new war that is brewing, and unfortunately it seems as though Caleb is lost.

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Now, we also have answers on Aurora Perrineau’s character — “C” is actually the adult version of Frankie! Her presence moving forward should prove very interesting, given that she brings both a new perspective and also established lore. What’s also interesting is that in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress confirms that she was not initially told about the twist. That means that in her own way, she was forced to alter things as time went on this season.

So what is coming up from here? Based on what Perrineau tells the aforementioned website, we’re not anywhere near the end of the road when it comes to some of the twists:

I think every character gets to go on a journey that is not really expected. I think we’re going to learn a lot about characters that you guys already knew about — and then these new characters that we have introduced. I think that’ll be really fun for people to watch: where everyone ends up by the end of this.

The biggest thing that feels assured right now is that all of the different stories we’ve been seeing — including what is going on with Christina — are about to be so much more linked than we ever thought possible.

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