Magnum PI season 5: Magnum, Higgins, & a new Big Bad?

Magnum PIWe all know that we will be waiting a long time to see Magnum PI season 5 arrive on NBC — so is there a silver lining in there? If there is, we suppose that it offers us a chance to talk about all sorts of things when it comes to the story.

We’ve already spoken in the past about some of the show’s heroes, whether they be Magnum, Higgins, TC, Rick, Kumu, or Katsumoto. So, for the sake of this article, let’s get more into villains — or, to be specific, the idea that there could be a central threat that many of the characters will be up against for several episodes moving forward.

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There is a good reason for Magnum PI to introduce some sort of recurring foe. Given that you are moving to a new network in NBC after many years over at CBS, maybe you are looking at this as an opportunity to shake things up! Writing in more of a prominent Big Bad is a smart way to tie a lot of the ten episodes together, and also to present a threat looming over the team no matter what else that they have going on. (We do still think that there should be case-of-the-week baddies thrown in here throughout the season, as well.)

Since you are dealing with a much shorter season than we’ve seen in the past, we do think this opens the door to tell an arc where a central villain could be useful. Maybe they are a crime boss, or someone from Magnum or Higgins’ past who is back to settle a score. These sort of enemies can bring the team together, plus give you something big to look forward to. That’s without even bringing up the idea of casting a familiar face in the role and it giving you something else that you can promote over time.

Remember, filming for Magnum PI season 5 is seemingly set for September — hopefully, we will get further news around then.

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