‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: A ‘Gothic’ episode for Elena, Damon

The Vampire Diaries CastWhile we just wrapped up the 13th episode of “The Vampire Diaries” season 4 in “Into the Wild,” we’re going to take a quick moment here to jump ahead to what is coming up a little later on this season; specifically, right before the time when we will see the backdoor pilot for “The Originals” and the return of Daniel Gillies to the show.

According to a post on Twitter from one of the episode’s writers in Jose Molina, 4×18 carries with it the very cool (and also very ominous) title of “American Gothic.” For those of you who study art, then you are certainly already well-familiar that this Grant Wood painting is one of the most iconic pieces of the 20th century. Clearly, Molina and the writing staff knew what they were doing and alluding to when they gave the hour this title.

As for what this episode will be about, most details are still a little sketchy still given that we are such a long span of time away. For better or worse, we’re sure that the island story will be winding down around this time, at least we hope so considering that Ian Somerhalder has a bad history of things happening to his characters on such locales. Damon is clearly in one of the most difficult positions out of everyone moving forward, and it could be up to Elena and some of the other characters to save them … that is, if they can even find him.

Let’s just hope that whatever this episode contains, it helps to set the stage for what the spin-off pilot could be on April 25.

What do you think about this title? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can take a look into next week’s new “Vampire Diaries” by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: The CW

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