‘Graham Norton’: Watch Mark Wahlberg terrorize woman (video)

BBC AmericaThere have been some pretty appearances this week by some various stars on tal shows … but has there been one as insane as what we saw from Mark Wahlberg on “Graham Norton” this week? We’re not quire sure that there has been. Wahlberg was of course there to promote his new movie, and he showed up in an especially snippy mood.

While there are some other highlights from the chat that have caused Twitter to go absolutely insane when it comes to this interview, the one that we personally want to highlight here is when the “Ted” star repeatedly cuts off some poor woman who is trying to tell some anecdote about herself at the gym, which causes her to get tossed around in some chair like a salad whenever he pulls a lever. Let us count the multiple times in which Mark decides to torment her:

1. When he someone mistakes her being a nurse for her wanting to become a big-name star (we still don’t know quite how this one happened)

2. When she proclaims that she wears makeup to the gym

3. When she also proclaims that she wore her tightest shirt to the gym

Apparently, Mark has some sort of built-up rage over young ladies who try to find Prince Charming while they are in the process of working out, and this woman had to pay for all of it. It’s a little mean, but also pretty funny and along with Russell Brand tormenting Katharine McPhee, it stands out as the best moment involving a Brit and an American on a talk show thus far in 2013.

This video, funny as it is, actually almost makes us forgive BBC for announcing the cancellation of “Being Human” earlier in the day.

Photo: BBC America

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