Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Is Paloma leaving the game?

Paloma Aguilar Big BrotherCould Paloma be leaving Big Brother 24 prior to the first live eviction show of the season? There is already speculation running rampant online.

What’s the evidence? Well, she has been off feeds and in the Diary Room for a good while, and we’ve heard Ameerah and others speak as though there is a real debate as to whether or not she could be staying in the game.

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For those who have watched the feeds over the past few days, the easiest way to describe her behavior has been erratic — we don’t want to speculate beyond that, largely because misinformation online can easily spiral out of control. (Also, someone’s well-being just doesn’t feel like the sort of thing we should speculate about.) We’ll just keep you updated on what we see or hear about that through the rest of the night. Just remember that her being off-feeds doesn’t mean that she is 100% gone.

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What we can speculate on, however, is what happens if she does depart today. Given how Big Brother has handled departures in the past, the timing could mean that Daniel’s Head of Household week is done since this is after a Veto Cermeony. There would be no reason to hold an eviction, especially when losing two people now could disrupt plans later on. Remember that a lot of planning goes into the season far in advance, and competitions are constructed for a certain number of people.

Another possibility is that Paloma stays, but she ends up being evicted or leaves tomorrow as a result of the twist. A lot of people online think that either her or Alyssa could be in trouble because of the Backstage twist. If the house keeps Paloma over Taylor under these sort of circumstances … let’s just say it’s a really bad look. We want Taylor to stay, largely because her “mistakes” were not really mistakes at all. She was targeted mostly because Paloma decided she wanted to.

If Paloma stays and the eviction happens…

Taylor probably goes, but she has campaigned on the idea of Brittany becoming a target if the twist plays out in a way that puts her in jeopardy.

Update (10:00 p.m. Big Brother Time)

Live feeds have been down for a while, and CBS has yet to confirm if Paloma is gone. If she is, it is possible they will keep feeds down until tomorrow night.

What do you think is going to happen on Big Brother 24 over the next few hours?

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