‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: AshLee Frazier presents Sean Lowe with Tierra surprise

AshLeeJust in case you have been waiting for quite a while in order to see just Tierra LiCausi get her comeuppance on “The Bachelor,” know this: every indication in the world suggests that it is going to be happening during the new episode airing on ABC Monday night. Someone is finally going to be brave enough to tell Sean Lowe everything that is on their mind when it comes to this villain, and it is someone in AshLee Frazier who has stayed to this point away from drama. (Thanks to that, she’s what we like to call a pretty reliable source.)

So what is AshLee specifically going to say? Based on some of the press materials that ABC has sent out thus far, it is Sean that really prompts the discussion rather than AshLee bringing it up out of the blue; and then, she explains that Tierra frequently isolates herself from the rest of the house rather than even trying to get along, and she has no real interest in being friends with anyone.

In what is both a pretty brilliant and also honest strategic move, AshLee then also bring up the fact that Sean clearly wants a woman that is good for his family, and she worries that Tierra is going to be the sort of personality than acts extremely nice at one moment, only to turn around and do the complete honest if there is a problem that arises.

AshLee’s problems with Tierra have been documented in some areas that do not often involve interactions with Sean; for more evidence of that, just check out the unaired clip below that features her talking about some of her behavior in the house with some of the other women.

Do you think that AshLee has the potential to be “The Bachelorette” after this season? If you want to see what we think, be sure to check out our current rankings over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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