The Challenge USA episode 2: Were Tiffany & Cashel elimianted?

The ChallengeEntering tonight’s The Challenge USA episode 2, we knew that everyone would receive brand-new partners — that’s a part of the twist here!

Before we go any further, here are the teams for those curious: Kyland & Sarah, Derek & Tasha, Cayla & James, Tyson & Justine, Leo & Angela, Xavier & Azah, Cashel & Tiffany, Enzo & Alyssa, Danny & Desi, Domenick & Shannon, Ben & Shan, Cinco & Cashay, and David & Kyra. The funniest one of the group is Cinco & Cashay, mostly because of the history there. Most of the rest of the pairs were fine, but there was very early speculation that Tiffany could be a threat long-term. Why? Well, it’s tied to her Big Brother 23 castmates and speculation that she and Cinco knew each other outside the game.

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The main challenge a.k.a. water Scrabble – The name of the game here was teams facing off to grab letters off of buoys, and then using them to spell out words. Tyson entered this driven to prove that he was an enormous threat in this game, and he did! Danny & Desi did prove to be a threat, but that didn’t matter. Tyson & Justine qualified for the final (or re-qualified in Tyson’s case), and that meant it was time to make a decision. They had to pair someone up against Cayla & James, the Amazing Race pair who sputtered out at the end.

After the competition – James knew he was a big threat, and that led to him scrambling — he made a great pitch about targeting Tiffany & Cashel, even though Cashel was a part of Justine’s Love Island world. The only other candidates were Xavier & Azah and Alyssa & Enzo, who were thrown under the bus by Tiffany to protect her fellow Cookout alliance members.

Tyson & Justine’s decision

They put in Tiffany & Cashel! This was a big move early on in the season, and they didn’t see it coming. It Turns out that a lot of Tiffany’s former castmates were actually fine to see her go at this point.

The name of the game tonight was Knowledge is Power. This was a game of memory — and also a game of cycling. Good thing Tyson wasn’t in this one, right? The real star of this showdown was Cayla, who decided that she wasn’t going to lose this like she lost The Amazing Race on a memory task. She and James are safe! With that, Tiffany, one of the show’s most prominent cast members, is gone in week 2.

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