Better Call Saul season 6 episode 8: Tony Dalton on Lalo’s death

Better Call Saul, LaloBetter Call Saul season 6 episode 8 is going to live in our heads for a particularly long time, and there’s a big reason for that: Lalo.

Entering the episode, absolutely we anticipated something terrible would happen — but we didn’t think that he would die so soon! Lalo has been an incredible villain and for much of the hour, it actually felt like he was going to get what he wanted. The only reason that didn’t happen was because in a brief moment, Gus Fring was a little more cognizant of his surroundings than she was. That’s not a particularly easy thing to accept, but it’s the reality — Gus was never going to die in this episode.

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So what was it like for the incredible Tony Dalton to say goodbye to this character? Speaking to TVLine, here is just some of what he had to say on the subject:

That day, I guess it’s because everybody knows that somebody’s dying, which happened also with Patrick [Fabian], the whole crew, everybody’s very somber, very professional, very quiet. It was kind of surreal. We did a whole bunch of takes of the smile scene with the blood and Giancarlo sort of hovering over me looking at me dying. But I don’t know, man. It was kinda weird. It was also just like, you know, you’re done. You’ve gotta go look for a job. [Laughs] Like, “I’m unemployed!” But it was very special to me. Also, the fact that Vince [Gilligan] directed it and Gordon [Smith wrote it]… Gordon created Lalo. He gave him birth and gave him death, you know?

While we never rooted for Lalo, we were absolutely compelled by him. It’s one of the reasons why we always hoped that he would someday get his own spin-off down the road where he could continue some of his plots and schemes. However, that is just not the way things happened.

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What did you think about Lalo’s story — and his demise — moving into Better Call Saul season 6 episode 8?

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