ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2 spoilers: Shonda Rhimes explains decision to jump ahead

ScandalAt the end of Thursday night’s “Scandal,” you were likely gasping for air over some of the shockers that unfolded. Fitz actually stayed with Mellie rather than taking off with Olivia into the sunset, and to make matters worse he also killed Verna when he realized that she was responsible for orchestrating the kill order on him.

So when you think about everything at these two characters and others went through, you would imagine that they would need a breather. With that in mind, it’s hardly surprising to see executive producer Shonda Rhimes help to be a part of the decision to push the story forward ten months rather than dwelling on the immediate aftermath of this. Speaking to TVLine in a new interview, here is what Rhimes had to say about what was behind this decision, and what she is interested in showing now:

“It was such a stunning moment for Liv when we left her, I didn’t want to watch anybody wallowing. She needed to be recovered from that. And so did Fitz. Like, everyone needed to be functioning, and I wanted to see what functioning looked like. I wanted to get past the initial ‘honeymoon phase’ with Fitz and Mellie after they had sort of reconciled and see what it really looks like once they really started having to live together.”

Rhimes also said that there are going to be a few more episodic pieces coming up, though none of the events that transpired here are going to be forgotten (and some will even be brought up again rather soon).

In case you have not heard much in the way of details about an upcoming arc from “True Blood” and “Grey’s Anatomy” alum Scott Foley, you can find them out over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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