Harley Quinn season 3 trailer: Joker is running for Mayor?

Harley Quinn season 3

With the Harley Quinn season 3 premiere coming to HBO Max on July 28, the streaming service today delivered the goods!

The network has finally shared a new trailer and within it, you’ve got more story content than we’ve seen at any other point leading up to the start of production. What are some of the highlights? You have Joker spoofing the famous stairway scene in Joker, and then also deciding to run for Mayor. There are SO many things that this is a clear spoof of, but of course Joker would think it makes the most sense to destroy Gotham from a seat of higher authority.

As for Harley and Ivy, in one way their relationship may be starting off in a good note. However, that could be falling apart not long after thanks to differing ideas on what the future of Gotham will be. Harley loves her, but she’s also still intent on proving herself as a supervillain and having ideas that are fully her own. when you think about that — and really her history with Joker — you can expect things to get a little bit chaotic. She has a lot that she still has to work on; Ivy cares about her in a way that Joker never did, but she has to understand that and figure out what she needs out of life.

This character stuff is some of what makes Harley Quinn so interesting. From one vantage point, you’ve got a show that is completely comical and absurd; yet, there is also a good bit of heart sprinkled in behind the scenes. The story is not just out to shock you, as you can at times get a few reveals that are legitimately meaningful and bring new depth to these iconic characters.

What are you most excited to see from Harley Quinn season 3, based largely on the trailer?

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Photo: HBO Max

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