Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 6: Is Detective Thompson closing in?

Animal KingdomWe’ve now made it through Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 6, and the good news here is that Pope is still a free man. The bad news? There is no guarantee that this will last.

Going into this episode, we saw Detective Thompson use Taylor in order to get access to the Cody family compound and in the end, she got precisely what she wanted there. She was able to find her way inside, but did she get anything that was 100% proof about Catherine Belen?

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From our vantage point right now, the answer is no. Detective Thompson is not all the way there, even if she would like to be. This means that she’s going to need to figure out some other options to find proof. Unfortunately for Pope, he’s still none the wiser that something is going wrong around him … or is he?

The thing with the microwave being reset may be what triggers a light bulb. That was evidence of the power outage, and that’s a little thing that could used to start putting two and two together. It’s not going to be the sort of thing that makes him think about Detective Thompson right away, but we absolutely think it will be the sort of thing that starts to make the wheels turn in his head in a different way than they did before. He had started to let go and find some measure of peace; unfortunately, all of that could be taken from him sooner rather than later.

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What did you think about the events of Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 6 as a whole?

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