‘American Idol’: Matheus Fernandes defends singing, ‘Glee Project’ past

Matheus FernandesThere were a few notable eliminations that transpired on “American Idol” Thursday night, but one that clearly received a great deal of attention was that of former “Glee Project” contestant Matheus Fernandes. For whatever reason, the show did not always do him many favors. For one, they opted to not disclose on TV the fact that he was a former contestant on “the Glee Project,” even though he had never hidden this from anyone during the whole process. In addition to that, he was also taken to task by Nicki Minaj on Thursday night, as she claimed that he was using the story about his height as more of an emotional crutch than he really needed to.

So what did Matheus have to say after the fact about all this? In a post on Facebook, he started things off by explaining his comment about never singing with a live band before after people claimed he did this on “The Glee Project” all of the time:

“Alright, enough. For everyone who mentioned I lied about singing with a live band, because I apparently ‘have done it in the past with the Glee Project’ hear this: REALITY is very much what is perceived to be through your TV Screen, but make no mistake. Make no mistake… LOTS happens behind the scenes to an extent where the audience is NOT very aware of all circumstances. That’s all I’ll say. I am an HONEST person. I do NOT lie. Lies for me are for life or death situations and any bit of dishonesty I see within a person completely turns me off from that character, because I have a moral code within myself. Thank you. Love you all. Hope this clears it up.”

Basically, that Matheus is saying here is pretty simple: the “Glee Project” contestants used pre-recorded music all of the time or recorded their tracks in a recording studio (which at least happens for the music videos). This is hardly a surprise, given that this is also done on “Glee” on a regular basis.

Matheus also posted a video featuring himself and rocker Gabe Brown, who was also surprisingly eliminated on the show Wednesday night.

What do you think about these comments? If you want to read our full review for Thursday’s show, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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