P-Valley season 2 episode 6: Is Big Teak dead?

P-Valley season 2

We had a feeling that P-Valley season 2 episode 6 was going to contain at least one tear-jerking moment; that has been the way of most of the season. What we did not expect, however, was getting several.

The moment that we think most people will be talking about, though, pertains to Big Teak and the suffering he felt. It was enough to point a gun to his head and eventually, make the decision to take his own life. While we never saw the character’s body, it feels pretty clear that he is gone. We saw the blood on Lil Murda’s clothes as he climbed out of the car, clearly shellshocked and struggling with what he just saw. That led to the heartbreaking scene at the end of the episode when he made it clear just how “not okay” he really was.

There are so many layers to what we saw here, whether it be societal limitations, identity struggles, and a pain that Teak could never escape. It is also a reminder of the struggles that can happen for anyone when it comes to mental health and the stigma that unfortunately can surround it. We wish there was a different way all of this could have ended, one where Teak was able to get the peace that he needed while still on this earth. Lil Murda tried everything he could to convince him to not pull that trigger.

We don’t expect the writers to abandon this story in the coming weeks; instead, it is added to the tapestry of hardship that includes Keyshawn’s trauma and the state of The Pynk, which like many other businesses has struggled mightily ever since the onset of the global health crisis.

If there’s one thing we hope people take away from this episode, it’s to ask for him. There are so many resources out there and people who care, and that is why that information was flashed at the end of the episode.

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