ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2, episode 13 review: Every ‘other shoe’ drops

ScandalIf you have read anything pertaining to Thursday night’s new episode of “Scandal” prior to watch it, then you already knew that the episode could really be summarized in one simple word: insane. There was a funeral, Olivia Pope briefly turning into Carrie Bradshaw for a monologue about the sort of love that she wants, and Mellie threatening to tear the roof off of the place if Fitz decided to divorce her.

At the end of the day, Fitz decided that he was going to stay married, and not commit the sort of career suicide that would ensure that he never had a future in politics. Why? It wasn’t simply because he wanted to be with Mellie; instead, it was the confession by Verna Thornton that Hollis Doyle manipulated the votes, and pretty much helped him make it into the Oval Office under some controversial circumstances.

Despite actually being the one who hired Becky in the first place to kill Fitz, Verna’s words ended up shaking him completely to his core. As for what else may do the same thing, it’s the acknowledgement that Verna planned to meet with a prosecutor to come clean about her role in everything before passing away … which in turn led him to become a cold-blooded killer. We knew that he was going to pull the plug on her the moment that he did not leave her hospital room, and she then took her final breaths. How brilliant was Debra Mooney in this scene? We’re still in tears over her last gasps for air.

Fitz’s path of destruction was not over here, either. He then managed to get Mellie to admit that she still loves him despite everything that he has done, and that she would stand by his side moving forward. Olivia is now on her own, and while she seems to be spared to a great deal of legal backlash thanks in part to some well-placed testimony, she is as far from happy as happy can be. Then again, didn’t she tell Edison that she preferred her life to be devastating?

What did you think about the ending, and do you want to read some more scoop on what is coming up for “Scandal” season 2? If so, be sure to check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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