Yellowstone season 5 premiere title talk: ‘One Hundred Years Is Nothing’

YellowstoneIn the event you did not hear earlier this week, we have a title for the Yellowstone season 5 premiere in “One Hundred Years Is Nothing.” So what in the world does that really mean? As you would imagine, there’s a good bit to get into here.

The first thing we should do is state the relatively obvious: This episode was written by Taylor Sheridan, who typically writes or at least co-writes every single episode of the series. While we understand that he’s got more of an empire now at Paramount+ with a number of different series in the works, Yellowstone still remains his big creation and he isn’t shying away from that in the slightest.

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As to what the title for this episode means, that is an absolutely great question. There’s a lot of different ways to look at it. For us, it’s a reminder that the Yellowstone was there before it had a name, and it will be there long after all these characters are dead. The ranch has been running for well over a hundred years, but that’s still nothing in the grander scheme of things.

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We also wonder if on some level, this title is also a reference to some of John’s philosophical musings about the ranch itself. We know that he’s not a major proponent of change and to him, he likes to keep things reasonably steady. He’s not trying to cram in some sweeping changes in a short period of time; instead, he’s more okay with just letting everything play out.

We’re sure a larger meaning for the title will be made clear … but we’ll probably have to wait until November 13 to learn about it.

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What do you think the Yellowstone season 5 premiere title means?

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