‘Glee’ review: Jenna Ushkowitz shines … and Finn and Emma did WHAT?

Jenna UshkowitzWith an episode entitled “Diva,” you would think that Rachel Berry on “Glee” would really end up being the star; however, the woman who we really felt stole this episode was not Lea Michele. Nor was it Naya Rivera, who did still do a stellar job this week as Santana made it very clear that she was not over Brittany.

Rather, the MVP of “Diva” was someone in Jenna Ushkowitz’s Tina, who is really getting a chance to shine this year so far. While we did not like this whole Tina-likes-Blaine story at first, watching her sadly put VapoRub on the guy’s chest was pretty heartbreaking. She genuinely is in love with a man who can never her back in the way that she wants, and she chose to deal with it by going completely off the rails and going as over-the-top as humanly possible. She did end up getting a date from Blaine

In going back to the Santana storyline, it was revealed through Sue that she actually dropped out of Louisville a month ago, that she was considering being back at McKinley permanently and even working with her former Cheerios coach. While Santana faked having a girlfriend and seriously thought about staying near Brittany, it was actually her ex who convinced her to make the move to New York.

Finally, we turn to New York. The strangest thing to us about the Rachel storyline this week was that she seemingly learned that this “New Rachel” was not altogether a good thing, and yet she went back to being a nightmare for most of the week until Kurt put her in her place during a sing-off. There was a lovely reminder of “Defying Gravity” back in season 1 of the show, and despite her going into a little bit of a tailspin and a whining session at the end of this, the two ended up making up and getting themselves back together.

The last thing we have to turn to is the stunner that was completely out of nowhere before this week, and it also comes almost out of nowhere: Finn kissing Emma in the middle of her wedding meltdown. Does this make it official that he is Will 2.0 minus the hair? Considering that there is a wedding supposed to air next week, this can’t end well.

What did you think about this “Glee” episode? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can check out some more musical highlights from this week over at the link here.

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