‘The Bachelor’ video: Tierra LiCausi tells Sean Lowe she’s done with drama

TierraAre you ready for some “surprising” comments from Tierra LiCausi? Well, these probably are not that surprising considering what some of her history is on “The Bachelor” this season when it comes to acting innocent for anything and everything under the sun.

In the secret scene below from Tuesday’s episode, you can see Tierra tell Sean about her quick recovery from hypothermia, and how she is happy to be over what she thinks is most of the house’s drama. Ultimately, she just makes the argument that she is on the show for Sean, and not to make friends with a group of women. Sean then tips his hat to her slightly as he claims that he does have some big plans coming up for her if she stays patient.

The only thing that is better than Tierra’s comments are the reactions to them by AshLee Frazier and the newly-eliminated Daniella McBride, who both use everyone’s favorite reality TV buzz word in “fake.” We don’t even know if we would necessarily use this word to describe Tierra, since “dramatic” seems to be much more appropriate. We don’t think she’s lying about the person that she is, but she is clearly working hard to show off certain sides of herself to the Mr. Shirtless.

We do want to point out that one thing that Tierra is not being fake about is the sad story about a past relationship that she talked about on the show. We did some digging, and this is legit. Ultimately, she may just be a woman who is used to dating a very specific way, and some personalities are just not well-suited for reality TV.

What do you think about Tierra’s comments here, and the other ladies’ reaction to her? If you want to see where we ranked Tierra going into Tuesday’s episode, you can do so over here.

Photo: ABC

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