The Orville season 3 episode 7: The future of Talla Keyali, John LaMarr

The Orville TallaAs we approach The Orville season 3 episode 7, are we going to see any more romance? Episode 6 contained a big surprise when Talla Keyali and John LaMarr ended up hooking up after her impromptu massage moment. There has been a tiny bit of flirting here before, but this scene brought it entirely to the forefront.

Given that these are two characters we’re always eager to see in the spotlight, of course we’re excited to see if something more is explored here … especially since LaMarr hasn’t had that much of a spotlight yet this season. With that in mind, it feels like the right time to dive into something.

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Of course, the idea of crew members dating on a ship is far from new, and we’ve seen it play out across a number of different movies and shows. However, what makes this one interesting is that Talla and John are in some ways very different people — yet, we think they appreciate something in each other. LaMarr may be attracted to Keyali’s strength, while Talla may be attracted to hid mind. They work in such different capacities on the ship and they see things in different ways.

The truth here is that despite our excitement to see more of these two characters together, there is no guarantee that we will. This show often tells standalone stories, and this could just be two crewmembers blowing off steam and nothing more could come from it. We still do like the idea, though, especially mixed in with a lot of the other stuff that is happening across the board. It gives Seth MacFarlane and the writers different avenues to explore, and what we love about this show is that it constantly finds a way to surprise! We didn’t see this coming at all entering this past episode.

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