The Chi season 5 episode 4 spoilers: A look towards ‘On Me’

The ChiWant to learn a little more about The Chi season 5 episode 4? You are going to see another episode coming to Showtime next week titled “On Me.” What’s coming up during it from start to finish?

While we know that this week’s Christmas episode was focused largely on tidings and comforts and joy, there were some other events that will have far-reaching consequences. Take, for example, the news tied to Jamal and the ripple effect that is going to have on all of those close to her. This is a season a lot about relationships and family, and we don’t get the sense that the writers are going to rush any one story along here.

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Speaking of which, of course the end of this episode set up something more for Emmett and Kiesha as well — even though they weren’t together for the Christmas celebrations, they were clearly thinking of each other. This is a foundation that could be set up and, of course, paid off a little bit later on down the road. Will something between the two of them really work? It’s possible, but nothing in life is easy and the two have to remember that.

Before we go here, one more programming reminder: It does seem like we’re getting the episodes on the Showtime app come Friday, meaning that you’re getting a chance to check out some of these stories early if you’re viewing them online. We do like the idea here for the network to embrace something different, and may allow The Chi to be something discussed throughout the weekend. (We also still like that they’re not shifting towards a binge-watching model; this 100% deserves to be savored.)

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Where do you think the story is going to go entering The Chi season 5 episode 4 over on Showtime?

Do you have any predictions as to where things are going? Be sure to share some of your thoughts and hopes below! After you do just that, stick around to make sure you don’t miss any other updates. (Photo: Showtime.)

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