Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: The first update + Have-Nots (day 1)

Daniel Durston Big BrotherThe Big Brother 24 live feeds are officially here! There’s a LOT to be excited about this season, and it’s all just getting started.

We have a lot to get into from just the first fifteen-plus minutes of feeds, so here’s a quick refresher. Daniel won Head of Household earlier today, and now he has a difficult choice as to how to kick off his season. We know that Pooch cannot be nominated since he randomly drew the Backstage Boss. Meanwhile, one of the group of Brittany, Paloma, and Alyssa will also be safe thanks to the public vote. Everyone else is fair game, including two of the aforementioned trio who don’t get America’s support.

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Daniel is probably going to spend a lot of time strategizing tonight and some alliances could form — there will be a better chance in the morning to get into that.

For now, let’s just share that feeds came back immediately with the introduction of Have-Nots, which Daniel was required to pick. Luckily for him, Monte, Kyle, Joseph, and Michael all volunteered, meaning he was shouldered with zero burden. (This is where we remind you that the show needs DESPERATELY to change this — Have-Nots serve no real function anymore other than watching people get cranky. Also, it eliminates hard feelings when people volunteer.)

Everyone also saw the Have-Not room tonight, which is full of pool floaties and a giant slide. It’s ridiculous, and some of these guys will regret their decision.

Fashion update! – Pooch has a yellow shirt cementing his Backstage Boss status; meanwhile, Brittany, Paloma, and Alyssa all have black shirts with “Backstage” written across them.

Who could Daniel put up?

This is not your typical BB Bro, so there’s a chance he could be malleable to work with anyone. This is also an Elvis impersonator! We don’t think he’s going to just target some of the other oddballs, but we’ll have to wait and see on that. It does at least feel like this is a good cast, and we like that it’s one of the oldest casts we’ve had in a while. We’ll see what that turns into.

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