Squid Game season 2 premiere date: Is an early 2024 launch feasible?

Squid Game season 1Squid Game season 2 has to be one of Netflix’s most anticipated shows ever, and we say that knowing it is still a LONG ways away.

It was just a matter of weeks ago that the streaming service formally greenlit the Korean drama for another batch of episodes, even though there has been chatter around this for a long time. This is such a risky gambit for everyone involved — the first season thrived on its originality, its biting satire, and also the shock of seeing Gi-hun and so many characters be put through unspeakable situations all for the sake of escaping financial ruin. This is a hard model to replicate once you have an understanding of what the world is.

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Concerns aside, there is clearly a feeling behind the scenes that there are more compelling stories ahead, and some of them could involve Gi-hun’s next attempts to infiltrate the Game and destroy it from within.

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Based on past interviews and speculation, the timeframe for season 2 we keep hearing is either late 2023 or 2024, with the latter feeling a little more likely. What we wonder in particular is if Netflix will target early 2024 in particular. This could give everyone involved ample time to film and edit the series, and also a chance to kick off that year with something enormous. Squid Game has potential to shatter streaming records all over the world; remember that it took some time for the first season to become a viewership monster; the second season will start off gigantic from the get-go.

There is also still that planned Squid Game reality show that could come before season 2, but we still hope someone realizes that’s a terrible idea and does away with it.

When do you think Squid Game season 2 is going to arrive on Netflix?

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