‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 spoilers: Leonard’s career crisis

Big Bang TheorySometimes, being a successful scientist is not enough to make someone happy … and being constantly put down by your roommate probably does not help matters at all. With these two things in mind, it looks like Leonard is going to looking forward to his future on an upcoming episode of “The Big Bang theory” season 6, and it is actually going to involve his professional career for a change rather than his love life.

According to a brand-new report coming in via E! News, Leonard is going to start questioning just what he wants to do with his life after paying a visit to a grade-school career day, though it is unclear as to just what this will make him want to do. After all, he is already a brilliant scientist. Does he suddenly want to work with kids, or get involved in a project where he can see some tangible results sooner than a research experiment?

Careers have been one thing on “The Big Bang Theory” that have rarely changed over the years. Penny has only occasionally made moves when it comes to her acting career, and Howard is really the only other person to see a significant storyline courtesy of his career achievements (courtesy of traveling into space). Sure, we had the trip to Antarctica that came out of nowhere along with Sheldon receiving some major awards, but none of this at the end of the day played much of a role in the story beyond just an episode or to.

Do you want to read some more “Big Bang Theory” season 6 scoop pertaining to Raj’s love life? If so, be sure to check out the story over at the link here. Meanwhile, we want to hear below what you want to see Leonard doing in the future.

Photo: CBS

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