Magnum PI season 5: How it could lead to so much more at NBC

Magnum PIIsn’t it nice to relax, knowing that a Magnum PI season 5 is now officially happening at NBC? Just like the cast, crew, producers, and studios behind the scenes worked hard in order to make this happen, the same goes for the fans. This is the great exhale, a chance to relax knowing that there are at least two more seasons coming.

At present, what we know is this: These seasons will be ten episodes each, and production is currently slated to kick off in September. There is also an option for more beyond that, so we thought it would prove useful to talk about what this option could allow.

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While we’d love to see more than a ten-episode order for season 5, it’s hard to imagine this changing all that much. Because production is starting so much earlier this season than they will premiere, NBC won’t know what the ratings are for these episodes until, most likely, after the whole batch is in the can. We suppose they could theoretically extend the order this fall, but that would be a move based on blind faith that the show is a hit.

What we think could be a bit more likely is that if season 5 delivers big, NBC could try to either extend season 6 or put in an early renewal for a season 7. It’s clear at this point that there are a lot of stories still worth telling with these characters, and we also think NBC has a real need for a show like this. Sure, they have other “crime” shows, but none of them have the lighthearted tone of this one or the constant mixture of action, comedy, romance, and drama.

The real question is whether it could carry over all of its CBS viewership, or even gain new people at its new home. We won’t know all of that for a while, but know this: Depending on how many people watch, these 20 episodes could be far from the end of the road.

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