NBC’s ‘The Office’ season 9 spoilers: Where Rainn Wilson’s ‘Farm’ fits in

Rainn WilsonEven though NBC made the decision to pass on the “Office” spin-off series “The Farm,” the network is still going to be airing a retooled version of the show a little later this season in order to take advantage of the footage they shot. Rainn Wilson is still going to be the focus, and we will have an opportunity to also hear some stories about some of the characters that they were planning to introduce into the new show.

So how specifically will some of this story now work within the context of “The Office” season 9? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Greg Daniels confirms that there will be some alterations to what is going to be the 18th episode of the season in order to make it more of a natural fit within the overall story; however, it will keep some of the original spirit for “The Farm” alive:

“At the moment, we’re talking about cutting some of it out to make it more of an Office episode because the original cut had a tremendous amount of forward throwing stories and characters and stuff that we don’t see again necessarily. Although, we see some of them.”

Daniels also hyped up an exciting return for Zach Woods’ character of Gabe, who is someone that we feel was never fully appreciated on the show until we started to not see him anymore. Ultimately, we do feel that he was a better part of the Dunder-Miffling’s crew than Ed Helms’ Andy, who we feel to an extent never should have come back from anger management training all the way back in season 3. (For those who are Andy fans, Helms will be back for the Valentine’s Day episode next week.)

If you want to read some more “Office” season 9 scoop revolving almost entirely around Jim and Pam, you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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