The Blacklist season 10: Why a Magnum PI schedule pairing makes sense

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At the moment, The Blacklist season 10 does not have a premiere date over at NBC; not only that, but it probably won’t have one for the next few months! We hope that you are the patient type; you absolutely will need to be in order for us to get to the other side here.

One of the things that is also uncertain about the show, meanwhile, is its long-term future. There is a good chance that season 10 could be the last one, and one of the larger arguments for that is simply that the ratings have been falling for a good while now. Is there a way to boost them back up, and actually give the show a real Friday-night partner that it has not had in years? Well, this is where Magnum PI could enter the picture.

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Over the past few weeks, we have written extensively about the effort to revive that show and now, we know that it’s happening! New episodes of the one-time CBS show starring Jay Hernandez are coming at midseason. Now, NBC has an opportunity on their hands to present a legitimate threat to CBS, which has been dominant on Fridays for most of the past decade and a half.

Is a pairing between The Blacklist and Magnum PI going to happen? It is far too early to tell right now, but this idea absolutely makes some sense. They’ve each proven they can draw at least some numbers on Friday, and they could work together to make a two-hour event. Then, you can place Dateline on at 10:00 and it would continue to have a place there. We already know that Magnum PI has a season 6 renewal; this could at least help The Blacklist make it to season 11, if there is another story for the show to continue.

Why wouldn’t this happen?

NBC does have comedies scheduled for Fridays starting in November, and they would have to move them to another night if the Blacklist – Magnum PI combo to happen in January. The other option? Have Blacklist air alongside the comedies for the first month or two, and then premiere the 10-episode Magnum PI when we get around to February or March.

Since nothing will be confirmed for quite some time, just consider all this something to think about…

Do you think The Blacklist season 10 and Magnum PI should be paired together?

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