Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 5: The J – Penny relationship problem

Animal KingdomTonight on Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 5, we were reminded of a couple of things when it comes to Finn Cole’s character of J. He has a brilliant mind, but he also can’t stay out of his own way.

At this point in time, there’s no question in our mind that he has the best business acumen out of anyone in the family. He’s able to plan investments and heists better than anyone! He is fiercely ambitious, and that means constantly wanting what he can’t have.

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Unfortunately, that poses problems when it comes to matters of the heart. While on the surface his relationship with Penny felt like nothing more than a fling, it’s start to move into some dangerous directions. First, Pope caught wind of their relationship seeing the two of them talk at the firm. He knows this is trouble, largely since Penny is married. That’s before we get to J showing up to see her at the end of episode 5 while the husband was inside. 

Is this J wanting to be with someone who he knows is unavailable, and in doing so, psychologically giving himself a challenge? It’s possible, but it also feels like the husband could cause problems for him if he were to find out — and clearly, J is being reckless. If things go south with him and Penny, that’s another person. She’s so close to his money and the clean parts of the operation right now, but will that always be that way? Consider all of this stuff to think about for now, and we will see where this complicated story develops from here.

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