‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: What role will Wendy have?

Sons of AnarchyOn Tuesday night, “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter held another Q&A session with his fans on Twitter, and while many of the past chats have yielded quite a bit of scoop about the show’s upcoming sixth season, we’re going to focus in on just a few items here. Why? Most of the information from this session is something that we’ve already shared, or just Sutter showing off some of his snarky humor. There are a few good quips on his feed, but we’re going to keep our articles more about the show itself rather than how funny we find some of his responses.

Anyhow, the biggest highlight of the Q&A for us came when Sutter claimed that he currently believes that we will see more of Wendy in the upcoming season than we saw last year, at least based on where his head is currently at. Considering how violent her battle with Jax over custody became near the end of season 5, we’d be shocked if she does not have some sort of plans for retaliation up her sleeve. When Jax first shot her up with heroin to make her testimony moot, we went ahead and stuck this on the “lost of ways in which Jax is quickly becoming Clay.” (With all of this being said, plans can easily change in the writers’ room.)

Speaking of some other fan favorite characters, he said that he is a fan of Lenny the Pimp (though does not know if he will appear anytime soon), and that he is still trying to figure out whether or not Jimmy Smits will return for more goodness as Nero.

In case of haven’t heard previously, production on the net season will kick off later this spring, with the premiere date likely coming in mid-September just as it has almost every other year.

What returning characters from “Sons of Anarchy” do you want to see back for season 6? Since we already know about Lee Toric, Nero has to be on the top of our personal list. If you want to see more of Sutter talking about the upcoming season, be sure to check out his new video at this link.

Photo: FX

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