Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 5: The danger under Pope’s nose

Animal KingdomTomorrow night on TNT, you will have a chance to see Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 5 — plus, a huge problem for Pope Cody that he doesn’t even realize.

At the end of episode 4, we learned that there is a spy within the skate park who could be helping the Detective investigate the death of Catherine Belen. There are a lot of places where Andrew may expect eyes to be on him, but this is probably not one of them. In his mind, he views this as more of a safe place … even though it’s clearly not as much of one as he thought.

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So will he recognize the truth during episode 5? A lot of that could depend on the spy himself. The photo above doesn’t seem to suggest that Andrew is aware of any issues in his midst, and he still may not have his guard up. The one thing we wonder is whether or not said spy is fully committed to the cause. Remember that this is a young guy who seemed pretty reluctant about being a mole in the first place. When you think about that alone, it’s not that hard to envision him wanting to bolt from this situation whenever he gets the opportunity.

This is the real irony of where Pope is right now on Animal Kingdom — one of the best ways to avoid trouble could be him trying to just act like the best version of himself. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know he needs to do this, and we gotta hope that it comes about organically. Since skate-park Pope is one of the best versions of him, there is at least a chance he pulls this off.

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What do you think is going to happen with Pope moving into Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 5?

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