The Boys season 3 episode 8 (finale): Will there be a cliffhanger?

The BoysWith The Boys season 3 episode 8 serving as the big finale, of course there are plenty of things we’re left to think about. For example, the issue of whether or not this episode will really tie together most of the stories this season. Think in terms of the quest to kill Homelander at all costs, the temporary Compound V, or the emergence of Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy. To think, these are just some of the headlines — there is also the status of Queen Maeve and Victoria Neuman’s endgame, which has been relatively unclear for a while.

So will there be a huge jaw-dropper at the end of the finale? Just what can we expect?

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At the moment, we’re doing our best to look at this finale through the lens of what we had the first two seasons. In those, we got a combination of closure and cliffhanger. Some loose ends were tied up, whereas others were left open to keep people excited for the future. Neuman being a major threat is a good example of one of these from last season.

Given the uncertainty around Ackles’ future on this show, we wouldn’t be shocked if the Soldier Boy arc is wrapped up or close to it — granted, we also thought the same thing about Stormfront. We do imagine the writers were hopeful about a season 4 the whole time they were making the show, so we’re reasonably confident that there’s going to be something within this that gets us stoked for what lies ahead. As for what that will be, this remains a big question to ponder over for the next few days.

Then, the show could leave us something to ponder over for a good year at least. We know there tend to be long hiatuses here, so we gotta prepare in advance.

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Do you think that The Boys season 3 finale will contain an epic cliffhanger in some way?

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