The Boys season 3 episode 8 (finale): What will happen to Black Noir?

The BoysGoing into next week’s The Boys season 3 finale, who thought we would feel so many things for Black Noir? It is utterly strange and yet, here we are. It also makes perfect sense when you consider some of what the character has gone through.

During much of this past episode, we understood how this character was effectively beat into submission by Soldier Boy and after the fact, fear may have continued to drive him. He didn’t think he was much else beyond what he was warped to become, so he became the right-hand man of Homelander in a lot of different ways.

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Moving into the finale, we know that Noir is going to be hunted. Unfortunately, it’s also hard for him to have an adequate escape. Soldier Boy wants him dead! So long as he is out there, that’s a problem. Does he face him? Can he really get the help he needs?

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re really worried about his standing at present, mostly because we’re suddenly getting all this backstory on the character. What can the writers do after this? It’s hard to imagine Noir going back to the character he once was, where he was just the subject of easy memes and fun little moments. He could be given a larger role moving into season 4; or, he could be gone. At this particular point, we’re not sure there is any in-between — but 100% he has had a fantastic arc at this point and it was wonderful to get inside Irving’s head a little bit with some of the animated characters.

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What do you think we will see transpire with Black Noir entering The Boys season 3 finale?

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