‘The Lying Game’ season 2, episode 5 review: Emma learns Rebecca is her birth mother

The Lying GameOn tonight’s episode of “The Lying Game” season 2, Rebecca gives Sutton Kristen’s journal and she learns that Kristen wanted to give Sutton away during the first few months she came to live with them.  Sutton goes to Ethan and tells him what she’s learned about Kristen and he says that she has to let go of this, that it happened years ago and things are different now.

Emma is in Los Angeles with Thayer and after telling him about the other woman that was in the hotel room with Sutton the night of the accident, Thayer is convinced that Sutton knows who their birth mother is.  Emma is confused as to why Sutton would lie about knowing who their birth mother is and suggests that they start looking into who their birth mother is themselves.

Thayer and Emma go to the hospital where she was born and find out the name of the doctor who was on call that day to see if they can find out the names of anyone who had twins that day.  They find the doctor and he tells them that he cannot reveal who the women were that had twins due to confidentially clauses.  Emma and Thayer learn that there are three nurses that were there that day, so they go to the first nurse and tell her their story.  The nurse tells her that Rebecca is her birth mother and Emma is horrified knowing that Rebecca knew this whole time and said nothing, and that Sutton also knew and kept it a secret.

While the family is having dinner, Sutton drops the journal at the table telling Kristen that she is a hypocrite.  Sutton reveals that not only did Kristen not want Sutton, but she also had feelings for Alec.  Ted is mortified and storms out of the dinner, leaving Sutton and Kristen at odds.

Sutton is telling everyone everything about the journal, she’s told Ethan about the dinner and tells Alec about her mom’s past feelings for him.  Later Alec goes to Kristen’s house and tells her that he knows about the journal, saying that she shouldn’t be punishing herself for having thoughts.

Laurel is starting to realize that there’s something weird going on concerning Sutton – she hasn’t quite figured it out, but she’s getting closer to learning the truth.  Laurel over hears Sutton mention the name Emma to Ethan just before sending him home and decides to follow Sutton over to Rebecca’s house to find out more  She has a hard time overhearing most of what Sutton and Rebecca are talking about while sitting on a fence, and ends up falling off and knocks herself out.  Rebecca and Sutton hear the fall and run out to call Laurel an ambulance.

Kristen and Ted meet up with Rebecca and Sutton at the hospital where Laurel is and Ted asks her what really happened at Rebecca’s house.  She tells Ted that she thinks that there are “two of them” and he tells her that she’s hit her head pretty hard and isn’t thinking right.  Emma comes to the hospital and Sutton tells her that she won’t be switching back and that she should go back to LA with Thayer, but Emma goes into the hospital to find Laurel anyways.  Emma tells Laurel the truth, that she is Sutton’s twin sister.

Do you think that Emma made the right decision telling Laurel about her being Sutton’s twin?  Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts.

Photo: ABC Family

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