Mayans MC season 5: Is renewed, will it be final season?

Mayans MC

We’re a little over two weeks removed now from the end of season 4, and of course it would be great to have Mayans MC season 5 news soon. Yet, that hasn’t happened, and at this point we’d honestly be surprised if it comes out at all over the next few days. Very little good news comes out the Friday before the holiday weekend — and we’re not counting the Magnum PI revival in this since it technically happened late Thursday.

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So when could we hear about a renewal? We tend to hope it’ll be at some point in July, and we like to think that there are at least some discussions happening already. One of the biggest ones could be whether or not season 5 is the final season.

Creatively, we really hope that it’s not. We just saw EZ become President, and he underwent such a dramatic heel-turn in season 4 that it feels like there’s so much room to explore where he is. That’s without even mentioning the evolution of Angel, who may have been the person who set the warehouse ablaze at the end of last season. If it’s not obvious already that there are some huge stories set for season 5, we don’t know what else to tell you.

If we were FX, we’d want the writers and producers to have some creative stability, but also a path towards a potential end. Cable shows these days have a hard time lasting beyond six seasons for cost and creative reasons, so what we’d personally love to see here is a two-season order, with confirmation that season 6 will be the final one. Will that happen? Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but it’s something that a show like this and the larger franchise deserves.

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Do you think Mayans MC season 5 could be the final season over on FX?

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