Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 5 spoilers: Pope points out a problem

Animal KingdomThis weekend is poised to bring us Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 5, and the following probably won’t be that much of a shock — there are going to be some issues surrounding the Cody Boys!

In particular, Pope is starting to get concerned that J is taking his eye off the ball a little too much with a romantic tryst involving himself and Penny, the legal assistant who he’s been getting close to over time. The more these two bond, the more it could distract from matters at hand — especially when said assistant is married.

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In a sneak preview over at TVLine, Shawn Hatosy’s character questions J about what he is doing in this instance, making it clear that this is the sort of issue that could cause a huge ripple effect. If the husband turns up, that could make things really messy, and if things with him and Penny go south, what does that mean when it comes to their business at the firm? Sure, it’s great to have business and pleasure be separate, but there’s never any guarantee of that.

J, in general, is supposed to be the brains of the operation when it comes to some of the heists. If he isn’t focused on the task at hand, all of a sudden there is a tremendous risk that things fall apart. This is clearly something that everyone else is already acutely aware of, so the hope is that Finn Cole’s character will figure this out or prepare for the entire family business to be in trouble.

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