The Boys season 3 episode 8 (finale): The Jensen Ackles dilemma

Jensen AcklesThe Boys season 3 episode 8 is going to be the big finale on Amazon, and we know there’s a lot to wonder about. That is, perhaps, even more true for fans of Jensen Ackles.

Should we expect that this particular episode will be the end of the road for the actor as Homelander? Or, is this in some way premature thinking? It’s 100% understandable to wonder about all of this! Remember that he has been named a series regular on ABC’s Big Sky and unless The Boys doesn’t start filming for a long time, it is hard to imagine that he’d be able to balance out both.

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Of course, it is easy to imagine that something horrible happens to Soldier Boy in the finale. It’s too early to tell how Homelander will handle the news that this is his father, and there are also plenty of Supes at this point ready to engage in some sort of near-constant battle with each other. Vought also probably doesn’t love the idea of someone who has, at least as of late, targeted their #1 hero.

If the finale does prove to be the end of the road for Soldier Boy, at least he’s had a spectacular run! What’s been so fun about exploring him is seeing that despite the ego and all of the powers, there is a human being here. He at one point envisioned a slightly-more normal life with Crimson Countess at his side, and all of that was taken away, in part due to his own hubris. He’s a product of his own mistakes, and also someone incredibly dangerous.

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What do you think is going to happen to Soldier Boy on The Boys season 3 finale?

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