‘The Bachelor’ rankings: Catherine Giudici rises; Desiree Hartsock drops

CatherineIt’s a little unusual for us to see two back-to-back episodes of “The Bachelor” in during a single week, so with that we”ve had to create a speedier version of our show rankings than usual to get excited for the new episode airing on Tuesday night.

Since we have only eight contestants left now in the competition, it’s a little bit easier to rank everyone rather than the top five; so since time is short, let’s get right into this. (For those new to our rankings, our formula is simple: placement is based on such things as relationship with Sean Lowe, screen time, edit, overall demeanor.)

9. Tierra LiCausi (last week: unranked)- Did you think anyone else would be last here? Sean may like her, but his patience is starting to wear thin with all of the women running around with scowls on their faces. Her game is starting to become a little bit tiresome.

Selma8. Selma Alameri (unranked) – Did anyone else think that their one-on-one date last week was a little bit forced? In between that and the relative lack of screen time otherwise, she’s in trouble.

7. Desiree Hartsock (5)- This marks the first time all season that Dez (as Sean calls her) is not in the top five, and the reason for that is simply that she is starting to let this whole competition get in her head. Take a few deep breaths and focus on yourself: she still has an edit that is similar to Ashley Hebert’s from Brad Womack’s season, so we have a feeling that she will end up lasting for a while longer so long as she turns it around fast.

6. Daniella McBride (unranked) – This will be where the rubber meets the road when it comes to Daniella. Her group date rose gets her a position ahead of both Desiree and Tierra; but if Sean chooses to give a one-on-one date Tuesday night to someone who has received one before, then she is probably toast.

5. Lesley Murphy (3) – While Sean and Lesley both seem to like each other, their relationship has at the same time felt tentative. She really needs to find a way into the spotlight this week, as she could be a surprising pick to go home.

Sarah4. Sarah Herron (unranked) – Where did the romance go for these two? They spent a ton of time together earlier this season, but we really have not seen that much of a spark with them as of late. Her history makes her a safer choice still than the top three, though.

3. Catherine Giudici (4) – At this point, she has to be the darkhorse of the season. While she’s the only person in the top 4 without a group date or a one-on-one date rose, she seems to be relatively drama-free and easy-going. Plus, she’s funny! There is more compatibility with Sean on the surface, and this could start to manifest more as time goes by.

2. AshLee Frazier (2) – At the moment, Sean may actually appreciate AshLee’s demeanor more than ever. She’s not dramatic, and she does not need constant reassurance that everything in the house is okay. She is the sort of woman that is basically an anti-Tierra.

Lindsay1. Lindsay Yenter (1) – After their super-romantic one-on-one date, Lindsay’s status as the current favorite was set in stone more than ever. She was lucky enough to have her meltdown at the start of the season, mostly because she now really does have anywhere to go but up. Luckily, she’s finding ways to impress him more and more every week.

Who is your favorite right now to win “The Bachelor”? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can read our full review of Monday night’s new episode over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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